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Cancer prevention mugs - magnetic ceramic mugs

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Cancer prevention mugs - magnetic ceramic mugs 

In 2010 Spring Ceramic Industry Co.,ltd , the latest developed high-tech ceramic products ceramic magnetic ceramic mug, what is the magnetic ceramic mug, the main features include: clay inner and outer enamel, the ceramic layer in the uniform set ferrite, ferrite described with clay and enamel links into one structure. Ferrite and the clay liner formed by sintering the Beibi and bottom of the cup, after magnetization after the formation of anisotropic permanent ferrite crystal, ceramic mug whole magnetic line within the body are reflected in the mug, after refraction was cross- distribution, to achieve the body of the beverage cup magnetic purification. The utility model has the structure and the production process is simple, fast advantages in the use of functional magnetic water on the basis of the tradition ceramic culture, relatively inexpensive, with great market potential.
The role of magnetic ceramic mug, magnetized water and other water feature comparison of mineral water: potassium, calcium and magnesium, sodium, etc., HCO3 rich content (250mg / l), helps digestion
Prevention of stone, and cancer, the human body have a good health care.

If you are interested in this product we are welcome to inquire, or send an email to our mailbox, sales@coffeemugceramic.com

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