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history of napco ceramic from japan

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   Japan made the ceramic also more than 1000 years history , Earlier, the Japanese study from Chinese porcelain manufacturing technology, and rice paper manufacturing technology. Such as TOTO's ceramic, has occupied most of the market in China.

Japan have the  powerful ceramic production of ability , it has strong technology development capabilities and a large number of brand-name products. example napco (nappo) In the ceramic kiln development and innovation of new products, the Japanese technology and products different from Europe and the United States, is unique. Furnace using a high level of performance and technological content, even among the best in the world also gives people left a deep impression.


    As we all know, the furnace is the core equipment in the ceramic production in Japan is also "one earth, the second fire, three hand," the name of saying, that the kiln and fire in the ceramic production in an important position. 150 years ago, the Japanese ceramic industry is still lagging behind, using wooden firewood kilns, furnaces and more room for the sub-dragon kilns (known as the Japanese climbing kiln, built according to the hillside) bread kiln in north China was drawing techniques, the successful development of coal The down draft type furnace. Japan, due to adhere to the outside world and actively learn from the policy of Europe was able to invent technology down draft kilns, which from the factors of production and product quality, improved efficiency of the furnace firing technology level and grade, in the ceramic production began living in the world . In this process, Japan has actively introduced by the German inventor of the coal burning tunnel kiln technology. But in the 20th century, the Japanese bid farewell to the 70's burning of coal production, which began its gas or liquefied petroleum gas kiln a new era, and to promote the development of a ceramic power in Japan.


Japan's economic stagnation in recent years, new ceramic materials, as expected, did not to be widely used in the automotive industry, but the ceramic industry in the past 5 years the average increase rate of nearly 6% in the year 1998 the total production of Japanese ceramics is close to 1. 7 trillion yen.



history of nappo ceramic from japan -articel by spring ceramic March 20,2011


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