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Bone and new bone china of the differences

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The firing temperature, the new bone in the firing temperature is 1250-1280 degrees, while the real bone of the maximum temperature reached over 1300 degrees; in the firing frequency, the new bone china products are the first fired, that is not cook on this one procedure, bone china really need to cook on the basis of the completion of a re-glaze firing; texture of the product, the new bone to bone Jiaozhen thick, slightly yellow, weighs heavier Jiaozhen bone china. in ash content, the real bone of the bone content of between 44-48, only 5-7% of new bone, new bone china, therefore the cost is lower than true bone.

White, Taizhi firm fine, clean Baiying Run, its eggshell white translucent

Scientific name is short for bone china bone china bone china, is based on animal bone char, clay, feldspar and quartz as the basic raw materials, high temperature and low temperature glaze firing biscuit firing two formed a kind of porcelain firing. Bone china bone china itself is the imitation of an imitation. Identification of bone: light transmission and strong, soft colors for the top grade, whole body cream, glazed smooth, thin porcelain is quality product, with a porcelain spoon tapping or finger flip, clear, crisp, like Hong-zhong. Imitation bone to bone are better the closer the better.
The formation of bone china by * silica, alumina and calcium oxide, calcium oxide content in which the higher the color the better. In nature, few sources of calcium oxide, so I chose the animal bone meal as a source of calcium oxide. This porcelain is added to clay in animal bone meal, and fired at by calcium phosphate as the solvent. Firing temperature probably around nine Baidu. A unique firing process and the addition of bone carbon, clay impurities to be eliminated , appear to be more white bone china, delicate, transparent, lightweight, and very few defects, and thinner than porcelain, visually there is a special clean sense of intensity higher than porcelain, porcelain is twice daily. Usually mostly overglaze. Texture fine hard, wear-resistant. In the light irradiation in crystal clear, soft colors, color creamy white. The above will be asked in the palm of your hand, gently crash, which sent off ears, crisp sound, and listen very long echo Yau. It was done this experiment, the four bone china cup mat in a British Puma wheels, this four crystal glass can escape the weight of competent support car!

     New bone china called New Bone, Canton Fair is not in their names were added after the word china, which was originally an ordinary high-white porcelain, the food contains calcium oxide content slightly higher than the ordinary porcelain has a certain transmittance sex, smart manufacturers played a Beaulieu gave the name attached to Phoenix, called the new bone.

     Its, and bone (bone china) do not have the following main points, one with a different raw materials, bone china to add more than 40% of the bone, new bone does not add bone meal; 2 bone china with 2 firing, new bone china with a firing; 3 new bone than the whiteness of bone china soft, transparent, ceramic lighter, look far better than the new bone china; sum of new bone china bone china is not a new variety, but is named by only.

     Also: high-grade porcelain with porcelain (bone china), shell porcelain, ceramics and other pearls. As the shell porcelain, porcelain pearls almost no industrial production is too costly, so bone china is the world's most recognized high-grade porcelain kind. In English: bone china is bone china; fine bone china is bone china, bone china market was only later after doing messy, some exporters to fine bone china to differentiate, to show differences in quality; new bone china is false bone, or imitate bone china, bone china, and in fact a means fine bone china, bone china is true, spoken often bone china, but the bidding and stickers in the production, the customer generally require use of fine bone china. new bone china bone china translation did not sound fake, and now usually translated as imitation bone
Bone china

         Bone English name "Bone China", the original Chinese name of "bone china", but simply out of "ashes" of the word taboo and known as the "bone", the name of national standards is still a "bone china."

         Bone is a ceramic material mixed with the ashes of animals, after a high temperature and low temperature glaze firing unglazed fired twice as high whiteness, transparency, and delicate porcelain, glazed porcelain, bright flat, known as "thin paper, as white as jade, bright as a mirror, such as chime sound "reputation.

         Bone originated in England, invented around 1800 or so, the inventor of the world there are many disputes, there is said to (Josiah · spode), also said in order. Bone comedy is rather the invention process in the manufacturing process of accidental mixing animal ashes, after research by the continued derived from the basic formula is the first six quarters of the ashes and mined, but later evolved into 50 copies of the ashes 25 and 25 copies were mined clay, until today in the United Kingdom has always been considered the standard formula.

         200 years, the bone through the hands of generations of Ming Jiang, and gradually developed into the world's ceramic art.

         Bone materials research, production of fine, rigorous standards, its regularity, white, transparency and thermal stability of various indicators are highly demanding. As the high-grade bone complex process, made more difficult for ordinary daily use porcelain, its production technology to be popular only in recent years.

         Bone because of its unique design, simple and neat, white and delicate texture, has long been the aristocracy with the porcelain, is the only recognized as the world's species of high-grade porcelain.

         Bone china from England as a kind of high-grade porcelain, have passed 300 years of history. Because "as thin as paper, transparent as glass, such as chime sound, as white as jade" delicate translucent porcelain, beautiful and elegant-type, color surface moist bright, colorful flowers face features, achievement of its white texture and luxurious style, both dual-use and value of art, history, special supplies and aristocratic palace collection of treasures, a symbol of power and status, favored by many buyers, known as the "porcelain king." Bone in the hand after generation after generation of Ming Jiang, becoming the world's ceramic art.

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