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How can I repair a hairline crack in a ceramic coffee mug?

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Question :

Essentially, I have a fraternity mug, which is unique and specific to me, that sustained a hairline fracture. I was making tea, and not having anything else to put hot water into, I put some water into the mug. I then noticed it leaking and discovered a small hairline crack that ran from the bottom to near the top of the mug. I'm pretty certain the heat from the water caused this.

Anyways, is there any easy way to fix this mug, preferably in a non-toxic manner so that it can be used to drink out of again (occassionally) at some time. All it needs to do is prevent the liquid from going through the crack, and it doesn't need to look all the pretty or anything since it's the inside of the mug.

Please help with any suggestions or ideas about how to fix this unique mug (which means a lot to me). I have no idea where to start in solving this. Thanks in advance


1)sorry to tell you unless you have the original glaze to re-glaze over the crack it is unrepairable. Even that method may make it worse by spreading the crack out. You must be careful when using pottery or ceramics after they have a crack due to bacterial that can now grow in the crack. Use it as a small planter for a small plant for your desk that way you'll have it to remind you.
2)you can use mseal which is the best way but do apply outside and not inside

though u fell it wont look niec or it may spoil ur mug

since it is an hairline crack use a small amount which wont look dirty

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